Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Letter

I just received a letter from my aunt today.  It was on a card with a painting of a ranunculus.  It's a horrid name for one of the most beautiful flowers, in my opinion.  When I lived in France they were my favorite flowers to buy at the market. Gorgeous and colorful--- and most of the time only two or three euros.

I love writing and receiving letters. I participate in a few websites that I get mail from: Swap-bot and Post-crossing.  It's lovely to get mail from random people across the world, but I love it even more to get a handwritten letter from a dear friend, an aunt or my mom or grandmother.  I have felt closer to my deceased grandparents on my mothers side through writing letters too.  I know that they wrote many letters and I know from one of my older cousins that when my grandmother wrote on a card she would start on the right hand side and then when that was filled would move to the left hand side of the card.   It may be an inconsequential little thing for some people, but to learn this little habit of hers made me feel so close to the grandmother I never knew. 

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  1. I started writing my aunt this year. She's one of my most faithful corresponders. I've learned more about her this year than all the years she's been my aunt.