Thursday, April 7, 2011


I love riddles and I just found one that my friend Kijjit the Fox made up.  Here it is:

FoX's RiDDLe

There was Music playing over a Cliff.
The wildest, danciest Music ever!
It sounded like pure intensity.
It sounded like UMO by OOIOO, actually.
I heard this Music and started running after it.
I got to the edge of the Cliff and JUMPED!
And immediately, as I began to fall, I realized what I had done.
This Cliff was the famous and feared Cliff
I had jumped from the greatest imaginable height.

Here's the Riddle:
Why didn't I panic?

My friend Chris also made up a riddle for a game:

I can go up a chimney down,
but I can't go down a chimney up.
What am I?

I got Chris's riddle right away when my boyfriend told it to me, and I think I might have gotten Kijjit's riddle.  I'll have to wait and see if he tells me I'm right, but I think I am.
Whatever skill at riddle-ry I have springs from a childhood of reading Redwall books, which are filled with riddles.

Here is an excerpt from "Fermald's Tears" from 
The Pearls of Lutra, one of my old favorites :

I shed my second tear, into the cup of cheer,
But look not into any cup, the answer's written here!
My first is in blood and also in battle,
My second in acorn, oak and apple,
My third and fourth are both the same,
In the centre of sorrow and twice in refrain,
My fifth starts eternity ending here,
My last is the first of the last ... Oh dear!
If I told you the answer then you would know,
'Twas made in winter of deepest snow.

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