Friday, April 29, 2011

Sending out Adoptees

I've been sending out a LOT of adopted postcards recently, mostly thanks to PostMuse sharing my project on her website (which was also the inspiration for my project).

Here are a few of the adoptees:

Chris was the first one to request a postcard via snail mail! I made his envelope before I even found the postcard among my stack. Imagine my delight when the colors matched so nicely!

More to come...


  1. Caesar is already on his way to you! I posted the card this morning early (we are saturday here).One more travel for him! :) have a nice week-end!

  2. Pyotr Illych will be on his way back to you as well, on Monday. :D

  3. The Tchaikovsky piece just came on the radio, so I thought I'd check in to see if you'd received the card back. It appears that you will be forever linked in my mind with that particular work.