Wednesday, May 4, 2011



When I was on vacation in Maryland, we went to visit my boyfriend's mom.  It was a lovely time altogether, but the part pertinent to letter writing is that I got to type a letter on a typewriter! My boyfriend had one stashed away in the basement.  So of course I wrote a letter to my parents.  It was so much fun! And I realized how I need practice typing! I've used one before and I've always been really enamored of them. 

We have lots of old Christmas letters and things from my grandparents that were written on a typewriter.  That has made typewriters very sentimental for me, because they passed away before I was old enough to remember anything about them.  I like to think that I've written enough letters that my future grandchildren will be able to know me even if I pass away before they are born.

I'm planning on keeping some empty space in my suitcase for the next trip to Maryland so that I can bring it back home! Once it's here, where it will live is a mystery, because my desk is already piled up with way too much stuff!

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