Thursday, June 2, 2011

Elegant Enigmas, an Edward Gorey Exhibit

Yesterday I went to see an Edward Gorey exhibit shown at the Boston Athenaeum.  It was so wonderful.  I was surprised to see that his original drawings are for the most part, the same size that is shown in his books.  The detail is so incredible. I want to know what kind of pen he was using!!
Unfortunately they did not allow photographs, but here is a photo of the goodies that I brought home.  They had made copies of a New York Times article about the exhibit that were free, and then I bought one of each of the postcards they had.

And now we come to my very favorite part of the exhibit:

Edward Gorey was a mailartist!!!

They had on display four letters that he sent to his mother in Chicago while he was at Harvard.  And he decorated the envelopes! I was overjoyed when I saw them.  

I managed to find photos of two of the envelopes online at 
and here they are:

I also found this book coming out in September 2011:


The description says that it 
"includes 75 letters, 38 illustrated envelopes, and over 60 postcards and illustrations."

Wow, I would love to have this!!

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