Friday, June 3, 2011

PENGUIN #4 Tchaikovsky

Adopted by Chris (of Girls Go Postal!) in Georgia

I haven't listened to Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet, but I love Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake and of course The Nutcracker.

Chris writes:
"I love that the piece starts off with 'church music', the audible hand of the friar in events to come.  Then conflict, the crashing symbols like swords striking together.  The 'love theme' takes center stage for a while - then more conflict.  The love theme tries to make a return- but the conflict overwhelms it."

It's pretty amazing how music can tell such a story.

Another interesting note: Chris has his own postmark! 
Pretty cool!
Here's a great website that explains what Mailer's Permit Postmarks are and how to get one.  After the reading all the rules, I think I need to wait until I have better access to a post office. Right now I mostly put my mail in the postbox around the corner.

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