Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Aunt Denise and I each picked up a few of these free postcards on our visit in Brooklyn for my brother's wedding.  I showed her my collection of stamps and she was thrilled with the Carmen Miranda stamp. It is pretty fabulous. 

So I gave her one to send to me, which she used on the postcard above, and I promised to send her one on a letter as well.... Promise upheld with the card below.

I received this card from a friend recently and it was like a little hello from the stationery world because a couple years ago I had a set of these cards as well.

I've had so many recommendations from penpals to use fountain pens that I'm considering asking my parents for one for Christmas.  Anyone have any suggestions for a good starting pen? Preferably not very expensive.

Here's a very fun set of stationery from PostMuse, with one of the cool new Industrial Design stamps. I still have yet to buy a sheet of those.

 Mail from my momma below. She used one of the envelopes I made for her and decorated it a bit more. :-) Postcard is from the lovely Apostle Islands in Lake Superior.  I love visiting there.

Letter to my parents, decorated with vintage bird/state stamps and cuttings from the USA Philatelic catalog I've subscribed to. It's free by the way! You can order a subscription here.
They have a complete listing of the stamps available plus small articles about new stamps coming out.

My mom has sent me a couple of these pre-stamped Seabiscuit envelopes. I love them! And I love how she added an exclamation mark to this one.

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  1. Fountain pens: I'd try out a cheapie disposable first if I were you. Pilot Varsity pens are widely available - sometimes you can even find them at Staples and Office Depot in packs of 2 or 5 - and should be less than $5 per pen. They're not easily refillable (but I refill mine with a little dismantling, but that's another story), but great writers.

    Or get a Platinum Preppy or a Pilot Petit1, one of the inexpensive disposable fountain pens from JetPens. They are very, very reasonable.

    My main point is don't get something expensive that you then regret never using because you don't like it. There are myriad inexpensive (disposable, usually) fountain pens out there that can write quite well, but if you find out you don't like them, then you don't have to feel bad about wasting money. Just my two cents.

    Want to explore more about fountain pens? Poke around The Fountain Pen Network (FPN).