Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Return from the Beach!

I just returned from a wonderful week vacation at the Outer Banks!
There were a few storms during the week, but it didn't affect us much. Here's a shot of a storm off the coast that didn't roll in on us.  I also saw water spouts for the first time! It was amazing!

The Collison Brand Beach Beer was a huge hit.

Here's a couple pieces of mail I wrote at the beach.

And here is the lovely pile of mail awaiting me on my return!
Vacations are all the more wonderful when there's something at home in the mailbox for you.

I put the mail on hold for the week we were gone.  Apparently someone expressed surprise to my boyfriend that we did this. Perhaps this service isn't very commonly used. Would you put your mail on hold for a week?


  1. Glad to see mine's arrived safely!

  2. I read your blog posts via Google Reader, and noticed there that you had posted something about the card which I sent. However, when I came here to add a comment, I couldn't find it. It appears to have vanished? I'm in the process of writing my piece for Photo-Sleuth about The Compleat Angler, so I would like to link to yours if possible. Cheers, Brett