Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mix CDs

Recently I have been sending a lot of mix cds out in the mail.

I have made a Mail Mix cd which I've sent to a few people...
Also I shared with The Missive Maven, A fellow Halloween enthusiast, a Halloween mix cd that Clayton made for me a couple years ago.

Sent to the Missive Maven:

I wrote the song list on pages from a children's handwriting book. I love these precious pages and I love the illustrations that are on them!

The Traveling Mix (originally made for Kijjit the Fox's journey to the west) and the Mail Mix again, sent to Tom in Canada.

 I thought it was funny that he lives on Wall Street.
 This is another reused package! I did not do the wonderful collage seen here. I believe I received this through Swap-bot. Sorry to not give credit to who made it but I've forgotten.  Now it's been sent on to make more people happy!

And finally another mail mix sent to some of my Maryland friends...

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