Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Desk!

I picked up this chair/desk from the sidewalk a couple weeks ago. It was during the big moving period right before the new semester starts. Most of our furniture has been free off of the street, and this is by far my favorite piece yet! I can't believe somebody got rid of it!

 There are lots of scratches and gouge marks made from previous students, but I think this only adds to the beauty and the history of the wood.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the wood is very smooth to write on despite the scratches.  It doesn't affect the pen like some uneven surfaces do.

I love it especially because now I can sit and write letters in the living room and hang out with Clayton.

Most of the scratching is illegible.

And here is some of the wonderful mail that kept me going through this hard week:

Owl post from the Missive Maven! I LOVE these stamps!!

mail from Tara Dactyl... I'm jealous of her cool street name!
 and her super cool sign language stamps!

a wonderful long letter from Debbie in Wisconsin, one of my favorite states :-)

a postcard of my old school, SU. That's the Honors House. Lots of fond memories there. :-D

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  1. I love that desk!! I wish I have one, it would be perfect because I don't have any special place for writing letters and I write them everywhere around.. I am so jealous :)