Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PENGUIN #13 Scootering

Adopted by Misty in Ohio

Misty jam-packed this postcard with info about scooters!

The first scooter was produced in 1915 and was named Motoped.  Misty says "Looking at the photos of early scooters they look clumsy and unstable.  Nothing like the popular Vespas of today."
Vespa, the famous Italian scooter was first introduced in 1946.

I think scooters look like so much fun.  At the same time, I'm not a big fan of motorcycles.  My boyfriend, a friend of ours, and I were walking down the street once and we saw a really beautiful scooter parked next to a nice big motorcycle.  Both Clay and I commented on how cool the scooter was, which sent our friend into fits of laughter, since we both ignored the motorcycle.

What about you, motorcycles or scooters?

And how can you mention scooters without mentioning Roman Holiday?
My goodness I love that movie...

Thanks Misty!


  1. When I think of scooters, I immediately thing of another film: "Sex and Lucía". It's a Spanish film (2001). Of course it's not such a good film as "Roman Holiday", but the poster reminds me the old one. You can see it here:

    (By the way, have you got my postcard yet?)

  2. I share the love for this movie with you! When I visited Rome some years ago, I wanted to be pictured at the same places than Audrey Hepburn (made my hubby crazy! Ü)