Friday, October 7, 2011

Even MORE Halloween!!!

Today before I left work for the weekend I opened my desk drawer in my office and found this!!

 I have been BOO'D!
I love it! I share an office with several other teaching fellows and apparently they used to BOO people all month in October. I am going to have to get on this and make some fun BOO packages myself.  P.S. It was filled with yummy candy too!

Then I came home to a WONDERFUL mail day!!
Received this from Dana:

She included 3 awesome stickers from the National Book Festival in D.C.

AND I got the first mailing in the LWA's October RSVP mailing!!
Yes, I was one of those that shelled out for fun stuff in the mail.
By the way, I love the name of the group; RSVP stands for Royal Society of Ventursome Parcels! 

In the little orange suitcase were orange and black sequins! I'm excited about using those in a mail art project soon.

Because I love Halloween so much, one of my goals is to send all of my penpals a Halloween card or postcard this month.

Here are some great stickers I got from Trader Joe's.
I always ask for some stickers when I go and no one ever gives me a hard time about it.
One time a cashier even told me that she loved it when adults asked for stickers. :-D heeheehee

I ALSO received in the mail today my kit for brewing my first beer!!
I have a three day weekend so I'm hoping to start it this weekend.  Another post on that sometime soon! 

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