Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

 Happy Halloween everybody!
Here are just a couple more Halloweeny incoming mail pieces I've received.

 And my pumpkin candle (cheap from Goodwill), finally set alight last night, Halloween Eve. :-)
So, yes I have been missing for about a week. I had lots of wonderful family visiting me and they took up all my extra time.  We said goodbye last night.  Sigh.
But it's nice to have some down time to myself.
Soon I'm off to watch The Shining with Clayton! I've never seen it before! I've heard it described as the scariest movie ever.  Yikes!

This reminds me of one year when I went to a friend's house for trick or treating.  We used pillowcases as our candy bags.  When we finished we watched the Exorcist, the first and only time for me! I sat with my candy in the pillowcase in my lap, and I was so scared I couldn't put my feet on the floor. I had to have a blanket covering me with my feet tucked up under me on the couch. I got so hot under that blanket but I was too scared to take it off... I needed that protection!
Finally when the movie was over we took off the blanket and when I looked in my pillowcase of candy I discovered that I had melted all the chocolate because I was so hot!! It was pretty gross. haha

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