Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's a good thing that on the one day a week I don't get mail, there's football.
Any other football fans out there?
I'm into lots of different things.  It's interesting because I find that by liking football I have something to talk about with a whole genre of people who otherwise I wouldn't have much in common with.

Anyway, I did spend a nice amount of time today responding to letters as well as reorganizing my stationery stash.  I've moved my spring/summer stationery into the hallway cupboard and brought out my fall/Halloween cards into my desk drawer. 

I also looked through the collection of Christmas cards I've amassed.  It'll be fun to start using them pretty soon too! Oh holidays, holidays, lovely holidays.

Two boring outgoing checks... but I used the opportunity to tell the USPS how I felt about them!

Also, you may have seen a few of those horsey return address labels of mine before... well look at how many I have!!

And I got them all for free!

A friend gave me a coupon for them from Staples. I was so excited. I went in and got to chose the design and everything.
I'm in my last year of my masters program here, so I may only be at this address until the end of next August... so it will be a challenge to see if I can use all of them up! Do you think I can do it?


  1. I'm a rugby fan!
    I'm sure you'll use your 300 stickers; They're really beautyful and match with your personnality!

  2. Lol gotta love freebies!
    I got a free order of 250 business cards last year, and they have the wrong phone number now. :( Will have to figure out something to do with them, but scratching it out with pen is not an option!
    Hope you have a great day today,