Monday, October 10, 2011


I sent a handmade puzzle to my friend Kijjit.
When you put all the pieces together in the right directions...

you get this:
 the packaging:

For some reason my taste buds think that ginger only belongs in gingerbread cookies, but Clay likes these.

Sorry for the blurry photos, I don't know why I was fighting with my camera.

Here is the previous letter to my foxy friend:

I bought a book about foxes for cheap and really enjoyed this anecdote about a playful fox.

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  1. LOL! Such fun! You are clever. I bought a bag of those ginger chews for a friends. Not much beats a fresh ginger gingerbread though, and I absolutely drool before biting into the pickled ginger slices I buy with sushi. I eat what's left as treats. And fresh ginger and lemon tea? Ooo-la! Now I'm hungry. :)