Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What are your feelings about big postcards?

 I really love Pomegranate's postcards and I have several of their postcard books, both given as gifts and purchased myself.  The only thing is that I really don't like the fact that they are oversized and I have to pay regular letter postage for them.  For this one I trimmed off the edges so I could just send it with a postcard stamp.  But that doesn't always work without cutting out a nice part of the image too.  It also makes the back look not nearly as nice, sometimes just missing cutting of the description of the postcard or the stamp here image.

I find myself loath to use them except for international mailing when I already have to pay more, or I use them in an envelope, figuring that I can get more bang for my buck that way.

Am I being too picky?

In other news, the postage rates will be going up in January.  Just one cent more for regular letters. You can read the other details here at the LWA.
I really don't mind the stamp increase.  I'll do whatever it takes to keep the USPS around!

P.S. The above postcard is from the Pomegranate postcard book "America Dances".  I love these photos!


  1. In France, postage rates don't depend on the size but on the weight.So you may send a big postcard, if it's less than 20 G. you won't pay more. And when you buy a big postcard, they ALWAYS give you an envelope of the right size with it.
    This pic is pretty, and I love the yesterday's one!

  2. And I can finally comment again! I could not for a while, when I wrote a comment it disappeared when I clicked to post it..

  3. In Spain a letter or a postcard "normal size" until 20g has a rate, but if the postcard is oversized, the postage rate increases.

    For more than 20g, the size is unimportant, the postage rate depends only on the weight.

    But I've realised you can send an oversized postcard with a normal 20g stamp... And it ALWAYS arrives safe and sound. I think people don't know they must pay more, and post offices turn a blind eye to it. ;)