Monday, November 7, 2011

Am I ever done with Halloween?

Hello all,
So here is some more Halloween themed mail that I sent out/received!

 I included some of the faux postage I made in my letter to Misty.  I got that perforator and these are my first attempts at artistamps... I wasn't very happy with the look the perforator gave, so I think I'm going to keep experimenting.

Here are two of the stamps used on a homemade postcard.
I added glitter to the owl! I love glitter on cards. :-)

 And finally, my Cricket magazine came in the mail.  My parents got this for me when I was younger and I loved it and missed it so much that I bought myself a subscription this year. It has short stories, poems, and wonderful artwork.  And I love this Halloweeny cover for October!
 and finally a letter to Chris, with a drawing on the back.

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  1. WOW! that is some great mail art for Halloween!

    BTW: you won my Spooky Mystery Giveaway =-) May I use the address listed on this blog to send your goodies?? =-)