Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Bad

Got this letter returned to me attached to this nice explanation. The envelope I used wasn't high
enough.  But how nice. All I had to do was cut along the line and pop it back in the postbox.
Have you ever gotten one of these?

By the way, while I was gone I went to the Boston Aquarium with my mom and Clay.

I think seeing awesome aquatic animals and touching rays and sharks is a pretty good excuse for not blogging.  :-)


  1. I love sea horses! they're so frail and beautyful! and your seal seems to be smiling!About the returned mail, I like the kind way the post sent the envelope back to you;with complete explanantions.In France, I've never had problems with small sizes envelopes, but maybe, with all the machines they use now, problems will come soon here too.

  2. No, really! I thought only stupid postal rules were in Italian system, but now I know yours has got its own faults as well... We're worse than you there though because the same happened to me and I had to restamp the whole letter... so I basically paid double amount just because my letter didn't match their criterion! bah!

  3. you have a pet seal!!!1