Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recent Outgoing Mail

I have had this envelope for ages. I made it a long time ago for my friend Dana and I finally sent it to her! 

I received this awesome card in a giveaway recently and I used it as a birthday card for my dad.
"You say it's your birthday??"
The card went out in one of my Admiral Ackbar stamped envies.
I put the Rocket Dog sticker on the back because it reminds me of our crazy Australian Cattle dog, Mattie.
The letter on the bottom was made just by taping up a brochure.

Letter by candlelight. :-) I lit some candles to help warm up our apartment one evening! It sucks not having control of your heating system.

And finally an outgoing packet to Elle who adopted two of my Penguin Postcards.
I've really been enjoying turning security envelopes inside out... especially ones with windows.  You can make a little collage to tape over the window or just let your letter peek through.  This one has a really interesting pattern. I've never seen another one like this.

And finally, to my American readers, hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

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