Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello all,

It's been a long week- but now it's over and no more classes until next semester! I finished a 10 page paper today, with two more 14 pagers to go in the next week. Sigh.

It helps that it's finally feeling like winter here. The past two days have been just right- lovely cold. ;-)

Here are my last two outgoing swaps:
Altered Playing Cards for a bunny enthusiast:
 And a "Creative Correspondence" Christmas swap:
Two wrapped gifts to be opened on Christmas day... with the rule that they have to be mailart/ letter-writing related.
I had two partners and I've already received one of my packages! Exciting!

Also- someone awesome :-D sent me this chocolate "Advent" calendar!
(I put advent in quotations because I was raised catholic so I know that Advent is actually 4 weeks long and does not just start December 1st.  I am not the type of person who puts quotation marks on things willy nilly, thank you very much.)
(But I am the type of person who was too lazy to go take a picture of her own "Advent" calendar fifteen feet away and instead google-imaged it.)
(I am also the type of person who uses google as a verb.)

Signing off now, because I am way too tired...
Have a jolly good night!

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