Friday, January 27, 2012

Today's lesson plan

As some of you already know, I teach elementary french...
The lesson today was one particularly dear to my heart: 
la communication!
and look at what is in my book!!

That's right!  Emilie writes a letter!!
She even has all the necessities right there!
une feuille de papier
une enveloppe
un timbre

After this short section, the book goes on to talk to talk about internet and email, but I had a lot of fun with the letter section.  I brought my extensive stamp stockpile to show them, as well as some choice examples of mailart that has been sent to me.
I also made them envelopes.  They got to pick one from the pile:

  (I did include some that I had acquired in swaps.)

I think it was rather a hit!

(And besides I got to make envelopes and tell myself that I was doing work.)

Cheers for things you love coming together!


  1. I took hand made envelopes to work and gave them out this week. We've had a similar idea this week!

  2. Who knows? Perhaps you've captured the imagination of a few of your students and turned them into budding mail artists. I'm glad the lesson went well.

  3. I feel your smile. :D Emilie, that's just cool. The day a publisher uses MY name in a text book will be the day I finish learning Spanish. LOL.

    Great inspiration for your students you are. I say, "Write on!"

  4. I think you'd be the best teacher to learn French from. That's a delightful lesson.