Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So the postcards arrived yesterday!

And today I set up an etsy shop!

You can buy the postcards there for 85 cents plus shipping...
OR if you are already one of my penpals, you could just put a check in your next letter for .75 per postcard plus .45 cents shipping...
If you would like to do that you can email me at to send in your order so I can make sure to get the postcard to you in time for Valentine's Day.

I had to up the price on etsy because they charge fees for listing and take a percentage etc.

So what do the finished products look like?

I just hope Ghirardelli doesn't mind.


  1. Congratulations on your new endeavour! I may be placing an order one of these days. I don't think Ghiradelli will take it personally. The postcard has me curious and wanting to try this dark loveliness. : )

  2. Lovely! If you don't mind..who printed them? And are you happy with the quality? I have been looking into turning some art into postcards..but I am not sure where to send them off for printing. I sent some off to vistaprint to give them a shot..but I haven't gotten them back yet. I will be placing an order soon!