Saturday, March 3, 2012

Papa Mail

My dad sent me this amazing letter on birch bark.

He went out and harvested the bark without hurting the tree.  I love it. It is so special. Especially since I always wanted to do this myself.

He wrote some of the lyrics to a song called "Lightning Strikes the Postman" by the Flaming Lips, one of his favorite bands.

In an attempt to send him back something special I made this envelope out of tickets and things from my urban life in Boston.

I made a piece of stationery by taking colored printer paper and making a rubbing of one of the plates on the side walk outside my apartment that says "Don't dump, drains to the Charles River"
Like the one in this photo. The paper was a little bit too small to get the whole thing, and it didn't work out quite as I had imagined it. Maybe I'll try it again with a different type of crayon. 

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