Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Mail

 I don't think that this above one was specifically St. Patty's day themed, but I can't remember.  I just went with green.

And of course there's nothing better to use for this holiday than the "Go Green" stamps!

 I sealed this envelope with a used one.

Recently I got a 1 inch hole punch and I had a lot of fun with it making this envelope.  First I did a little watercolor on the envelope for a background, then I looked through many magazines for different shades of green.  I wanted to just glue everything down, but in the end I used some packaging tape to secure it all.  Some of the types of paper just didn't want to stick.
And above is the finished product.  I actually still haven't sent this one out yet.  I'm still writing the letter. So I didn't want to ruin the surprise as to who it's to, even though I don't think she reads my blog.

Soon Clay and I will be heading off to South Boston to see the parade! I'm very excited. We missed it last year. Just completely forgot.  And then after that we'll be going to a game night at one of Clay's co-workers apartments.  (He works at a game and puzzle store.)  But I'll be paying for all this fun tomorrow morning when I get up super early to do work.

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  1. Hi Emilie,
    I will sent a letter to you in the morning!
    Get a sneak peek on my blog!