Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Mail Day!

I've had a bunch of really good mail days recently.  These four came all on one day!!

Two from my parents, one from Kim in the Netherlands, and one from Misty the Pen Thief.

 Very cool envelope and stamps from Kim.  I suppose the writing is Dutch.  It's so fun to have penpals from different countries!

And here is the letter from Misty.  I love how the dog on the stamp continues the dog on the envelope.

Some more lovely postmarks from my parents.

Here is what I sent back to Kim:

I was really proud of how I matched the stamps to the envelope theme.  Ratatouille and groceries!

And sent to Misty:

These maps are awesome.  They are free because they have a bunch of advertisements on them and they show the locations of lots of businesses.  This one is from Annapolis, and I recently picked up a couple from Newport, Rhode Island.  Keep your eyes out!


  1. Like the map. I often sell books on eBay and I go to the tip shop (recycle) and get all the calendars that get dumped. Many people get calendars for Christmas, don't use them and then dump them the following year. The paper is good quality, strong for wrapping things and stick a label on it and Bob's your Uncle. Pam from Tasmania. Card coming your way soon. cheers.

  2. Lovely to see you liked the envelope as much as I did making it :) Yes I made this envelope from a Dutch travel magazine. The envelope you send was also received here in my mailbox ;) Wondering what I will get back from you :D