Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paper Bag Mail

 A while ago (yes all my mail posts begin like this, it's never today!) I received this wonderful letter from Rusty on a paper bag... with a myriad of different inks as well. Another special part of getting a letter from Rusty.

Beautiful stamps as well.

And I was inspired to write her back on another paper bag. 

 a Trader Joe's wine bag
Folded it up...
"Life is too short to drink bad Wine!"

And because of the shape I decided to put it in a square envelope, despite those being a little bit more costly to send:

Decorated only with vintage stamps.  I love how these Pueblo Art and Desert Plants stamps look together.


  1. Paper bags! I've been hoarding all of the paper bags I get lately and this is a great use for them! Maybe I will make a whole paper bag stationery set, haha. Love those vintage stamps.

  2. Wow, I love those stamps! I'm so jealous that you can use those old stamps - the oldest we can use are 10 years old :( Nice idea with the paper bag!

  3. Hello Internet stranger (and new friend)! I would like to send you some mail art, and a mix CD, if it's okay :) If not, I will just follow your blog; I found you today (bored at work... looking for visual inspiration... ;P). You can find my email at the listed site if you'd like to give me your address, or again... if not, that's fine. :) I love this blog! I hope you have a lovely day!