Monday, October 15, 2012

LaTonya's card

Hello folks,

So I got a job! Hence the not posting. And it's not a very good one : part time, barely above minimum wage, etc.  But it is trying to pay the bills and I'm looking for something better.


Wanted to share with you a cannibalized card I made.  heeheehee
But it wasn't for Halloween.

It was for my sister-in-law, LaTonya, for her birthday.

It's hard to go wrong with graph paper and blues, pinks, and purples.
 So I drew a picture with colored pencils... everything normal here, right?...
 But when you open it up all the way... 
My friend Dana gave the remnants of a lights & music card (luau) and I remade it with my own drawing.

It was fun to draw a picture that matched up with where the lights were, but was also different from the original.  Every time I opened it to work on it (or just enjoy the thrills myself) I was a bit nervous that it would run out of batteries before it reached its final destination.  But happily there were no problems in that quarter.

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