Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Black History Month

This new job is making me so exhausted and I have so much less free time, but I'm very happy to be employed. 

Here is something I sent to Limner to celebrate Black History Month:

sealed with a ...

I've been trying to use my sealing wax and seal more often.  I still don't use it on the outsides of envelopes, only for the letter inside.

Envelope made from the USPS catalogue

And a postcard from the "America Dances" postcard book

My LetterMo. plans got derailed because of the job, but I'm still happy with the progress I made in my pile and I really enjoyed writing all the letters that I did.


  1. Thank you, dear Emilie! Hope you know that I shared your lovely card in a recent post. :)

    I like the green wax you use. I haven't used my own seals and waxes since the holidays. Maybe it is time to search for my stash. Thanks for the inspiration.

    All work and no play makes one rich. :D

  2. I did see and I'm so glad you liked it!!