Friday, February 1, 2013

Month of Letters begins!

So I have joined the month of letters ( and today is the first day!
My first letter going out is actually very sad. A very good friend of mine had to put her dog down last night, so I am sending her a card. Different strokes for different folks, but to me this is an instance where a Facebook post/message just doesn't cut it.

In happier news, one of my new friends here made it one of her New Years resolutions to send more post! I was super excited about this of course. I mentioned before that I had had some friends over to make Valentines recently. Well Caitlin posted about what she made on her blog,
She said she wasn't sure who else to mail to, so I'm going to give her some leads.

In other news, our poor cat Rascal is wearing the cone of shame. For a couple weeks he had this blood blister type thing on his ear and we finally took him to the vet because it wasn't going away on its own. I won't go into gory detail but the end result is that he has a suture in his ear and has to wear the cone so that he won't tear it out by scratching.

He's pretty pathetic looking and one night he suddenly reminded me of the Pixar lamp. He was siting up sideways to me and he moved his head at just the right angle that it looked like the swivel that the lamp does.


  1. Sending lots of love your way and i hope your
    kitty heals soon and can take the cone off.
    I also am taking part in a month of letters.
    I mailed today and tomorrows in one go.
    Take care.

  2. Aww I'm sorry to hear about your friends dog :(
    I think those cones are really cute on pets, although the pets probably don't think so! :D