Sunday, April 14, 2013

Marjorie's Scrapbook

A little while ago I posted a photo of the front cover of an old scrapbook that I bought at the I.D.E.A. store. The scrapbook belonged to a girl named Marjorie, made during when she was 17-18 years old. It is such a treasure and it was so fascinating to pore through the pages and look at the cards and odds and ends that she put in. 

Here are a few of the first cards in the scrapbook.

By the way, thanks be to libraries for free scanners!!!

She received these congratulations cards because she became the Grand Treasurer of some part of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls society... which I looked up and still exists today.   It started as a society for the daughters of Masons.

This is a corsage given to her at one of their Grand Assemblies. It all sounds so big, doesn't it?

I love the titles, "Supreme Inspector or Deputy", "Grand Worthy Advisor", "Grand Recorder"... I wish I had a Grand Worthy Advisor.  :-)

More coming soon...


  1. Very neat--thanks for sharing!

  2. This is too cool. And I could use a Grand Worthy Advisor, as well! : )

  3. How touching. I'm sure she never imagined so many people would peer into the past and see these parts of her life. You're very kind to preserve these moments of her life.

    Now I want to paint my morning-glories. :)