Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You are the fairest one of all.

Some outgoing letters and postcards.  You can spy on the letter to Taradactyl the beginning slides of some film. I bought two rolls (and left behind many) at the IDEA store. This is the first time I've incorporated them into my mail art.

I got the I love Libraries postcard from Dana, my awesome librarian friend.  And the anteater postcard I bought from the artist a couple years ago at Boston College.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Enjoying mail art

I've been behind in replying to mail for a long time but I've been doing very well recently and it makes it all the much more wonderful to make mail art and write letters... No sense of guilt any more. And by behind I mean that earlier this year there were letters I hadn't replied to for maybe 9 months.

So here's a few of my outgoing, including a Mother's Day package to my sister in law. I had a lot of fun finding images of kids and mothers to decorate the box.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wet mail

So remember when I said that my phone was ruined because I was busy saving my outgoing mail from a watery death?

Well this is what they looked like before they took a swim. I'm hoping the insides were still readable afterwards.

Selvage from stickers is something I sometimes use even before all the stickers are gone!

The Indian doctor I work with everyday saw this one when I was drying them off. She said that they are real country girls. Not sure how she can tell. Because they are barefoot?  Such beautiful clothing.

Nemo! I watch this a lot now because it's one of the best movies we have at work to play in the waiting room. "Just keep swimming!"
Again, sticker selvage. I really love this envelope.
I refound several pages of a fashion magazine that I had saved because of the gorgeous dresses and flowery prints. Finally used a couple.
Something I drew a while ago. I imagine it with a Morgan Freeman-like voice. It lives on the bottom of the ocean.

This is one of my favorite stamps from the modern art set that recently came out.
Such a fun postcard. I've been sending a few more postcards lately than normal.
May the fourth be with you postcard. :-)
And finally an envie made out of half a pretty paper bag. Still have another half to do something with!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A few incoming postcards

So I recently sent out a hugggge bundle of letters and postcards, like 15... But I put my water bottle in the same bag with them and the cap wasn't on tight enough and it leaked allll over. So I was trying to get all the letters dry, which took a while before I thought to look at what else was in my bag that might have gotten wet. My phone. Completely done. But you have to have your priorities right? :) Well it was a pretty old phone and now I have a new smart phone ( my first ) ! Which means I can take photos with it! Hopefully it'll help me get into a better blogging routine.