Saturday, May 18, 2013

Enjoying mail art

I've been behind in replying to mail for a long time but I've been doing very well recently and it makes it all the much more wonderful to make mail art and write letters... No sense of guilt any more. And by behind I mean that earlier this year there were letters I hadn't replied to for maybe 9 months.

So here's a few of my outgoing, including a Mother's Day package to my sister in law. I had a lot of fun finding images of kids and mothers to decorate the box.


  1. 9 months, wow! It's great that you're catching up. I used to be able to reply so much more quickly than I am now. Sometimes even when I have the time it's hard to find the motivation. Love some of your rubber stamps!

  2. I'm getting mail!! Isn't that a great feeling to catch up and banish letter guilt? Guilt be gone!