Friday, May 17, 2013

Wet mail

So remember when I said that my phone was ruined because I was busy saving my outgoing mail from a watery death?

Well this is what they looked like before they took a swim. I'm hoping the insides were still readable afterwards.

Selvage from stickers is something I sometimes use even before all the stickers are gone!

The Indian doctor I work with everyday saw this one when I was drying them off. She said that they are real country girls. Not sure how she can tell. Because they are barefoot?  Such beautiful clothing.

Nemo! I watch this a lot now because it's one of the best movies we have at work to play in the waiting room. "Just keep swimming!"
Again, sticker selvage. I really love this envelope.
I refound several pages of a fashion magazine that I had saved because of the gorgeous dresses and flowery prints. Finally used a couple.
Something I drew a while ago. I imagine it with a Morgan Freeman-like voice. It lives on the bottom of the ocean.

This is one of my favorite stamps from the modern art set that recently came out.
Such a fun postcard. I've been sending a few more postcards lately than normal.
May the fourth be with you postcard. :-)
And finally an envie made out of half a pretty paper bag. Still have another half to do something with!


  1. I hope you were able to salvage all of it!

    1. I sent all of it after it had dried. I'm just hoping that the writing inside wasn't obliterated. :)

  2. I love your mailart on envelopes! Finding Nemo envelope is so preeeeetty! ^.^