Sunday, July 14, 2013

My writing desk in the new office

This used to be the bedroom but we recently switched the two rooms around so that this is my office, Clay's desk is downstairs and the old office is our bedroom. We are both very happy with the new arrangements, Clay especially now that there's not so much overflow from my desk to his. The silver bookcase next to the desk is supposed to be Clay's... I've kind of commandeered it. We need more bookcases! I'm considering painting my desk... I don't have a big attachment to it since we got it at a Salvation Army earlier this year. I am also considering making my own shades for the lamp in the corner. The colored ones feel very college to me, plus the green, blue and red ones are quite darkening. 

What my desk normally looks like. It used to be worse. I'm pretty happy if I can see a bit of wood. :)

Hung up on either side of the window are ribbons, received mail art and a little felt heart garland that my aunt made for me.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Awesome! And cherry pie

Two letters from my oldest penpal, Amanda.

From Hannah
And from Rusty, she always uses such great stamps.

And now... I got these sour cherries from a co-worker who has a tree in her yard. What could I do but make a pie?
I tried the advice I got of using a hair pin to pit them, but soon figured out that the cherries were soft enough that it was easier to use my fingers.
Here it is finally baked. It was so so delicious! I shared it with Clay and my cousin and his girlfriend who spent a night on their way out to Oregon.

I will never be the same again.