Saturday, September 14, 2013

Desk Drawer #1

I always love seeing fellow bloggers work areas and methods of organization, so I am going to share what some of my desk drawers look like. 
This first one is my middle main drawer. It definitely gets the most action. I have two cardboard "trays" to organize a bit. I believe they were the gift box of a bow tie that was given to Clayton.
I've got some of my favorite rubber stamps, an ink pad, my Jane Austen address book...

vintage stamps in glassine envelopes...

and address labels in glassine envelopes.

Over top all of it, my bag of stamps gets stuck in the drawer.

It's one of those plastic things that sheets are sold in.
I have a lot of stamp sheets that have just one or two stamps on them because I hate using the last stamp. 

I'm interested in how other people store their stamp sheets.


  1. "I'm interested in how other people store their stamp sheets."
    ...I don't store mine. I use them. XD I'm sure if I had a job though, I'd have plenty more stamps. :)

    1. I ordered a bunch of stamps when I was flush and now I'm coasting off that. :)

  2. I can see you have feather stamp, it's so pretty :)

    1. Thanks Corelay, it's one of my favorites!

  3. I'm with you on not using up the last of my stamps!!! I keep my vintage stamps in glassine envelopes they came in, and a few sheets of my private stash in a file folder plus some in my lap/handheld writing desks. But the bulk of our family's stamp inventory is in a 3 ring binder (I did a post about it on my blog: if you'd like to look)